Tuesday, August 7, 2012

8 cara mudah membuat langsir tanpa jahitan

Dengan sedikit imaginasi dan penggantung ringkas, anda mampu mengubah fabrik menjadi langsir tingkap yang menarik. Ikuti 8 cara mudah menghasilkan tirai langsir menggunakan pelbagai jenis aksesori penggantung tanpa sebarang jahitan.


Curtains with hooks
Thomas J. Story

8 Ways

... to cover your windows without touching a needle.
With a little imagination and some simple connectors, you can turn any piece of fabric into an attractive window covering.
To make these supereasy curtains, choose a fabric that already has finished edges, such as a vintage linen, printed sheet, or pre-hemmed holiday fabric from the craft store. Then pair it with the hook, clip, or grommet that best matches it. For inspiration, take a look at some well-connected examples.

Curtains with Rings
Thomas J. Story

Method No. 1: Clip it on.

Clip rings onto a pre-finished edge of material and slip them over your curtain rod. This method makes it easy to swap styles to match season or mood, or to use the cloth again for something else. Varieties of clip-on curtain rings are available through companies like IKEAandSmith+Noble

Curtain Channel
Thomas J. Story

Method No. 2: Iron with ease.

Using iron-on fusing tape, create a channel at the top of your curtain wide enough for a rod or wood dowel to pass through.

Curtains with Loops of Fabric
Thomas J. Story

Method No. 3: Button it up.

Even if you want the finished look of buttons, you still don't need to sew them onto the curtains. Instead, thread fine wire through buttons to connect loops of grosgrain ribbon to fabric.

Curtains with Grommets
Thomas J. Story

Keep things clean and simple.

Grommets, slipped over wall hooks, produce a simple, crisp window treatment. Grommet kits are easy to use and widely available at fabric and craft stores.

Curtains with Long Loops
Thomas J. Story

Method No. 5: Long loops

Rayon cording tied through grommets gives a finished look. Cut equal lengths of cord and tie, and hide the knot behind the grommet.

Curtains with Team Beaded Loops
Thomas J. Story

Method No. 6: Beaded links

Team beaded loops, made from 24-gauge wire, with wall hooks for an easy fix. Poke a hole in the fabric with a straight pin and the wire will pass through.

Curtains With Simple Curtain Rings
Thomas J. Story

Method No. 8: Matching coils

Thread beads on "memory wire" (wire coils that retain circular forms, available in bead shops) to make a simple curtain ring. Choose a hue that matches the fabric or pick up an accent color from elsewhere in the room.

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